History of the PH-GWW

PH-GWW started out as under serial number 14 as a demonstration model for manufacturer Ruschmeyer. It flew 120 hours as such under the German registration D-EECJ. On its maiden flight on 24 March 1994 it was flown by pilots Klaus Kühl and Heiner Neumann. Mr Kühl recently informed me that he is still very active and exploits multiple aviation activities, see K-aircraft.

Reykjavik town, Iceland

On 13 July the aircraft was temporarily fitted with a ferry tank. On 19 July an Neumann took of for an impressive trip to land for an overnight stay at Oldenburg in the north of Germany. On the 20th, a 3.5 hour flight took the Ruschmeyer to Sumburgh on the Shetland islands. After a break of just over an hour, the trip continued with a 4 hour flight to Reykjavik in Iceland. Onwards it went with another 2.5 hours to the unpaved runway of Kulusuk in Greenland.

Iqaluit airport in Canada

21 July 1994 Kulusuk (Greenland) 5:17h to Iqaluit (Canada)- Kuujjuaq (Canada) - Schefferville (Canada)

Schefferville airport in Canada

22 July 1994 Schefferville, via La Grande 4, La Grande 1 and Chippewa to Oshkosh

Over the months August to December the Ruschmeyer conducted trips in the vicinity of Galesburg airport, Illinois.

Pilot Schultz crowned the return trip to Europe with a 7 hours, 10 minutes flight from Reykjavik direct to Hamburg. The flight was conducted on 19 December 1994, nearly the shortest day of the year (!).

On 3 January 1995, mr Duijvestijn flew the Ruschmeyer from its birthtown Melle to Lelystad in the Netherlands. Consequently, D-EECJ was rebaptized to its current call sign PH-GWW.

www.flightlevel.nl for PH-GWW's trip reports to the North Cape (2003), Denmark (2004), Switzerland (2004) and Malta (2004). More to come!