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Air to air

Warning: these pictures may induce serious craving for flying.
PH-GWW on different touches of blue
GWW sur bleu
1600x1200 pixels
890 K
PH-GWW wing over stratocumulus clouds
Wing over SC
1600x1200 pixels
243 K
PH-VKL Pelican. Glass-fibre two-seater, possibly inspired by the Ruschmeyer.
1197x633 pixels
364 K
PH-IZA hot air balloon
1600x1200 pixels
146 K
White wing over sea of white clouds
Sea of white
1600x1200 pixels
87 K
PH-GWW against evening sky
GWW en contrejour
1600x1200 pixels
403 K

Air to ground

The earth as seen from above in a bird's eye view.
Watery sun
Watery sun
800x600 pixels
276 K
1024x768 pixels
195 K
Chambord: one of the Loire castles east of Blois
1600x1200 pixels
226 K

Ground to air

Pictures taken from the ground. Mostly flying objects.
Team Apache with PC7's in very close formation
Team Apache
1712x1368 pixels
1160 K

Ground to ground

Pictures taken at ground level.
PH-GWW on grass parking under blue sky. Courtesy L. Smit.
GWW on grass
1600x1200 pixels
1032 K
Tower with burgers and fries at Tyler, Texas
Tyler tower
1200x1600 pixels
174 K
Multiple nostrils
Multiple nostrils
800x600 pixels
344 K
Ruschmeyer line up at Sankt Stephan
Ruschmeyer line up
1288x490 pixels
190 K


Technical details, mostly aircraft bits and pieces.
PH-GWW cockpit. Courtesy L. Smit.
GWW cockpit
3649x2404 pixels
722 K
Cockpit in operation
Cockpit alive
1600x1200 pixels
296 K