Fokker S-11 Instructor

The S-11 Instructor was developed by Fokker in the Netherlands, just after the 2nd World War. It made its maiden flight on 18 December 1947, taking off from Schiphol airport with mr Sonderman at the stick.

Several S-11's are still flying today. The Dutch association stichting Fokker Four maintain five aircraft. At flight shows, four S-11's are flown in close formation.

One fine specimen, the PH-GRY, built in 1950, is stationed at Eindhoven Airport. It is used specifically for aerobatics training and generally to get one's hair undone as open canopy flight is permitted. While in civil hands since 1976, this S-11 has been operated by the Dutch airforce with call sign E-37 and by the Dutch navy with call sign N-197.