The Ruschmeyer aircraft

The Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG is a 4-seat, low wing airplane in fibre composite construction, equipped with a retractable landing gear, a non-turbocharged, six-cylinder Lycoming engine and a four-bladed variable-pitch Mühlbauer propeller. The engine is de-rated for low noise to deliver 231 horsepower, enabling a maximum cruising speed of 173 kts.

This page is dedicated to the PH-RMR, a Ruschmeyer registered in the Netherlands and flying from Eindhoven Airport. The aircraft was available to members of the flying club EACm. Since this high-speed aircraft requires more than average handling skills, pilots of the PH-RMR had to be experienced and receive specific training. This page is maintained by the owners of the aircraft and provides the pilots of the PH-RMR with in-depth reference material.

Enjoy the sound of 230 horsepower
Program groundcourse PH-RMR
Drawings groundcourse PH-RMR
Conversion training PH-RMR
Procedures and settings
Circuit checks
00 Airplane Flight Manual
01 General
02 Limitations
03 Emergency Procedures
04 Normal Procedures
05 Performance
06 Weight and Balance, Equipment List
07 Airplane and Systems Descriptions
08 Handling and Maintenance
Information PH-RMR
Checklist (doc) 116K
M&B spreadsheet for the PH-RMR (xls) 28K
Pictures inside body (ppt) 3612K
Pictures retractable landing gear (pdf) 341K
Pictures gull wing doors (pdf) 115K
Avionics PH-GWW before upgrade (jpg) 568K
Avionics PH-GWW after upgrade (jpg) 1.9MB
Avionics PH-RMR (jpg) 0.5MB
Fuel injection training manual by Precision Airmotive-USA (pdf) 3.1MB
Manual Gill Teledyne G-242 battery (pdf) 3.1MB
Avionics manual supplements
All about the GNS530 COM/NAV/GPS
Supplement 21a to the manual for the GNS530 (pdf) 264K
Manual SL30 COM/NAV
(pdf) 776K
All about the GTX330 mode S transponder
Manual KAP150/KFC150 auto-pilot
(pdf) 22M
Manual KAS297 altitude/vertical speed pre-select
(pdf) 1.2M
All about the Shadin Miniflo-L fuel computer
(pdf) 252K
Manual of the Ameri-King AK-451 AF/AP ELT
(pdf) 7.7M
Manual of the ACR AquaFix 406 2797.4 Personal Locator Beacon
(pdf) 672K